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Project Background

In the recent years, ASEAN countries have enjoyed much economic development with activities usually concerntrated within major river basins of the respective countries. Growing population coupled with increased industrial and infrastructural developement commonly put a toll on the health of the river system. The monitoring of the water quality in a river against recognized standards can be used as an inidication of a river's health and assist policy makers towards sustainable water resources management and catchment developement.

The ASEAN Strategic Plan of Action on Water Resources Management (ASPA-WRM) was initiated by the ASEAN Working Group on Water Resource Management. The plan was developed based on the following inputs :

  • The design and circulation to each ASEAN Member Countries of a questionnaire on the current state of water resources data, governing principles and issues
  • Independent collection and collation of water data , which together with some of the questionnaire information forming the report "State of Water Resources Management in ASEAN"
  • A workshop attend by ASEAN Member Countries in Bangkok on the 20 - 21 October 2004, during which key issues, challenges and responses were developed by the participants.

Nineteen potential project concepts were identified under the strategic plan. Given the high number of potential action areas, ten project concept recognized as of high priority were selected for immediate developement. The task to develop the project concepts were distributed among member countries via their respective agencies. The Hydrology and Water resources Division of the Department of Irrigation and Drainage of Malaysia (DID) has been assigned with the responsibility to carry out Project Concept 4 :ASEAN Water Data Management and Reporting System Design under the ten priority projrct concepts identified in the strategic plan. The outcome of DID's assignment under Project Concept 4 will be presented during the ASEAN Meeting in Malaysia, from 23-24 July 2007.